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I've been playing a lot of board games recently. Scrabble and Risk and Monopoly and stuff. And this morning I woke up to some rather amusing thoughts. How could you make spanking variations of these games? Scrabble: loser's spanked the difference between theirs and the winner's score? Person who scores lowest each round gets the highest number of spankes? And so on. But I was rather amused with Monopoly to imagine that, instead of paying the bank (e.g. taxes), one could accept swats from the banker instead. Say, £5 is one swat with a reasonably light instrument. And buying a house to put on one of the cheaper properties is £50. Or if you're in jail and don't roll a double within three goes, you can pay 50 or take 50 handspanks, or something.

Yeah, my brain's weird at 6am on a Sunday morning!!
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