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please help

Hello All,

I am a 23 year old student from Pagosa Springs, Colorado majoring in English Communications and I am new to the BDSM community. Twice I have dabbled with spanking, several instances with a Romanian girl named Mary who desperately needed to be punished while on her period. The second, which took place months earlier, with a girl named Roselyn who cheated on me and felt guilty about it until she asked me to spank her. I went from pants, to panties, to bare, to belt. Afterward I made love as I had not until that point. There is a post on my journal regarding this instance.

I am a straight switch and am looking for a women about my age to teach me more about the world of BDSM and hurt me for my somewhat deviant personality while allowing me to do the same. There is not much here in the Southwest and I desperately need help finding a women I can talk about and experiment witht the use of pain.

Please Help if you can and possibly add seek out my profile. Thank you all so much!

Laugh long, love life,

Ryan Versaw
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