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Kittens Poem (shows it off)


Hello, We just joined this community and would like to say Hi to everyone here and I hope that we can find many likeminded and wise friends to help guide us in the lifestyle. I have known I was a Dom for awhile now however my girl is new to the scene and finding her way (as you may realize if you read the ups and downs of our shared journal). So far I believe she has come far and our relationship has grown. However I seek advice advice in Discipline
‎ and rewarding in order to strengthen her traits and help rid her of her bad habits. (and perhaps myself as
well ^.^) I myself come here for guidance and understanding so that I can always be what my love needs in a Dom.

I am very proud of her and as such I am posting one of her latest poems to me here so that she can see what others think of it.


i stand beside You
Not against You
i don't dodge the rain
i block the rain
AS the raindrops fall
 i hold Your hand
AS the wind blows
i don't run away
i stand strong against it's strength
The thunder and lighting pounds with force
i hold You close and love You more
The ground may shake
indicating a earth quake
i don't search for an escape
i open my arms and make You safe
If there were a thought of the end of the world
i would stand not alone
But with Your pure soul
i would reassure You that You are my DOM and i'm your sub
in this life and the next and at that very moment everything becomes clear
So i trust and believe You will do what's right
In any case i stand by You not against You
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