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spankyspanky's Journal

Pain is pleasure
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This is a forum for people to dicsuss all aspects of the BDSM, kink, and fetish lifestyle. This is a place for people with a casual interest, who are looking for a place to share and exchange information.

If you do join this community, please fill out the Getting to know you poll. So everyone can have an idea of who they are talking to.

BDSM sites

This place has all sorts of links to different BDSM places.

Slave Farm
Another site full of links. These are divided into categories, so everyone should be able to find something.

This is where we got a lot of our first toys. They have a lot of different products, for sale online.

The Bloody Rose
This one has beginner tips, terminology, practical advice, and some online sales.

Rascals Club
This is the club that puts on the parties that Pixie and I go to. It's in Vancouver, BC. Most of you aren't around here, but it has some international links on it, and can also give you an idea of what goes on at these sorts of parties. In case you've never been to one, but are interested.

At the core of the BDSM lifestyle is one thing: RESPECT. Respect for yourself and your partner. As such, there is only one rule for this community, and that is to respect all members.

- You can post about pretty much whatever you want, as long as there is something relevant to BDSM.

- I am not about deleting posts, and will not delete any unless (a)the post is totally unacceptable to me, or (b)someone asks me to delete a post, provided they have a good reason. If I am asked, I will look into the post and decide for myself.

- Keep this community fun. Part of the reason I named it spankyspanky is because that has a fun ring to it.

- Anyone who posts abusively or disrespectfully will get one warning before being banned. It will take quite a bit to get that far, as I am a pretty tolerant guy, but this goes back to the respect thing.

- If you have any good links to BDSM sites, let me know so I can post them in here. It would be nice to have a list of places for people to go to find what they need.